Now into our 18th year – we are Las Vegas’ most affordable wedding videographers providing all day video coverage with a 100% money back 


All day video coverage of your entire wedding day – NO time limit! We begin with you and your bridal party getting ready at your home, the beauty parlor, a hotel suite, or the venue where your ceremony will be held – and we’re with you until the very end! If you wish, we will also videotape your bridal gown fitting, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner FREE!


Just provide us with your growing up photos and your “together” photos along with your favorite songs and we will add the photo montage at the beginning of your wedding video – and we’ll also make you a copy to show at your wedding reception. (Our competitors charge EXTRA for a photo montage and up to $10 per photo)


That’s right! Next day viewing in your home!  The majority of our competitors have you wait 6 to 8 weeks before your video is finished. (Do you really want to wait nearly 2 months?) And you also receive six DVD copies of your wedding video to share with family and friends.


We are Las Vegas’ only professional wedding videographers offering brides a 100% “money back” guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your wedding video after viewing it in your home – we will hand you your $795 “in cash.” Now, how’s that for confidence in our work?


In addition to the above $795 package for all-day video coverage, we offer two other options for you to consider including our new “Cash Back” option and our totally FREE option that requires NO deposit and NO up-front fees. You have an option to purchase your wedding video AFTER viewing it in your home.

 cashback   image001  
We offered brides this option at a recent Bridal Spectacular Expo and were totally surprised as to how many brides chose to go with this option – a chance to win a portion or even ALL of your money back and winding up with a FREE wedding video.  However, this package is $1,500.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Pay the $1,500 in full at least 30 days prior to your wedding.
  2. Upon your return from your honeymoon, we come to your home with your wedding video and fifteen $100 bills.
  3. You take a coin (quarter, half-dollar, silver dollar) and flip the coin a total of 15 times calling “heads or tails” while the coin is still in the air.
  4. For each “correct” call that you make – we hand you a $100 Make 10 correct calls and you win $1,000.  Make the right call all 15 times and you will have $1,500 in your hand – exactly what you paid . . . so you wind up with a FREE wedding video.  If you love to gamble and take chances – then this option is for you!


We will videotape your entire wedding and reception FREE OF CHARGE!  NO deposit and NO up-front fees. You have an option to purchase your wedding video AFTER viewing it in your home for $995.  And it includes all day video coverage, (NO time limit) a free photo montage, and next day viewing.  So why do we offer this option? Many brides tell us that a family member or friend has offered to videotape their wedding for FREE.  Big mistake!  Unless he/she is a true professional wedding videographer their video will look amateurish – more like a home video. So we say “Have your family member or friend videotape your wedding for FREE and we’ll do the same.  View their video and then view our video. If you prefer our video then you pay us $995.  If you decide NOT to purchase our wedding video – you owe us NOTHING!

markMark Richards
Your videographer


Since 1995 Mark has videotaped more than 1,200 weddings throughout the Las Vegas Valley and is highly respected as a very creative and experienced wedding videographer among his peers.  Prior to making Las Vegas his home Mark was involved in the television game show industry both in front and behind the camera. His past experience included choosing the contestants for Jeopardy and Family Feud, writing questions for Hollywood Squares, and appearing as a featured guest on major television talk shows including those hosted by Oprah Winfrey, Regis Philbin, Larry King, Phil Donahue, Geraldo Rivera, plus locally produced television talk shows in Seattle, San Francisco, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Nashville and Philadelphia. You can view 8 to 10 minute video clips of Mark hosting audience participation games on these shows at

To schedule a time to view sample wedding videos or to reserve your wedding day – please contact us at

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